“Uphill Climb,” by Felicia H.

“Last week, I went to a workshop on engaging area youth. It was sponsored by a local agency that hosts after-school programs all over the school district. The facilitator was awesome – excellent ideas, very engaging and energetic – but sadly, the group he was there to engage – youth workers and teachers who work the after-school homework and activity programs – was none of that. Some of the folks there boasted of many years of actual classroom teaching experience, but used the same breath to detail how horrible this kid or that kid was in their program. Too many of the attendees sat with their arms folded across their chests and ‘I’ve tried that and it didn’t work!’ scowls across their brows. Their lethargy was hard to watch.”

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  1. …public school teachers? guaranteed jobs at uninteresting but secure pay regardless of performance? …so, what was the good deal on tires?

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