“The Importance Of Internal Motivation In The Martial Arts,” by Oscar Del Ben

“I have been studying martial arts for nearly two years now, practicing for the most time sanda, which is chinese kickboxing. I really love the martial arts world and I really think studying a martial art is one of the most rewarding thing in life.

However, when I go to my gym I often see some people who are there just to do some physical exercise, with little or no motivation to really learn the art behind what they are doing.”

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  1. …being bullied as a kid is a great motivator. at least it’s worked for me. while my mom, a WWII pacifist, always told me “it takes two to fight”, the local bullies were always happy to demonstrate it only takes one to kick ass. of course, eventually i figured out that berserk beats bullying. if you’re knocked down, try biting their ankles. but the neat thing about aikido, and probably other arts as well, is that it takes berserk to a new level.

    acknowledging Musashi that there really is no “gate” or “interior”, still there is an “everyday mind” for those of us who must act in an everyday world. and as a practical matter getting out of that requires a major psychic kick in the butt. in that respect, it’s convenient to have a berserk lounging in his cell, eager for the door to open, letting him out to play aikido…

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