“5 Tactical Tips to Survive a Home Invasion,” by Jeff Anderson

“Are you aware that you’re eight times more likely to be involved in a home inva­sion attack than you are to be involved in a house fire? When intrud­ers enter you house force­fully, whether for the thrill of it or to rob you and take your fam­ily hostage, this is con­sid­ered to be a home inva­sion. Don’t make the mis­take of think­ing home inva­sions only take place in high crime areas. There are sto­ries of home inva­sions tak­ing place in sub­urbs and rural areas. These attacks are more com­mon than most peo­ple think. Now is the time to plan a home defense strat­egy that will keep you and your fam­ily safe if you’re ever faced with a vio­lent home inva­sion attack.”

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  1. Hillendflynn says:

    are you aware that 89.94563% of statistics are made up?

  2. …Taisho – i would take issue with your AK47 recommendation. you’re likely to also shoot holes in your neighbors’ places. 12 gauge is less prone to “overkill”. imo, #3 buck is better than 00. there are a lot more pellets so the density of the shot pattern is better. better to hit at least once with a less lethal object than not at all with a more lethal. pepper spray is good stuff, but should NOT be used in your hidey hole. in all events be sure you get the type that shoots in a jet of liquid rather than a cloud of mist. the police occasionally make that mistake and repel their own assault…

  3. In agreement with you…the bayonet was to be used after I ran out of the 30 rnds on the perp or deer who charged me…AK’s are sold as hunting rifle’s in some State’s…go figure?

  4. Michael Hackett says:

    The shotgun for home defense is an excellent choice IF it is readily available and you know how to use it properly and safely. Like most other skills, shooting requires practice too. I recommend smaller shot than the previous posters here. At room range they are every bit as lethal, but lack the penetration that buckshot or slugs typically have. Even birdshot (Number 7 or 8 shot)will stop a man inside the range of 25 feet, often with fatal results.

    Most home invasions take place in the evening hours, but some factors remain regardless of the time of day. If you don’t know positively who is at your door, don’t open it. Don’t let anyone in your house you don’t know and trust. If someone “needs the phone for an emergency”, call on their behalf with them safely outside.

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