“Yet More Shihonage Technotes,” by Eric R. C. Holcomb

“Here are a list of shihonage (四方投げ) concepts that have helped me a lot. Please note that I am not claiming that any are the One True Way. Rather, this is my understanding at this moment. My understanding is subject to regular, painful (to me), evolution. As such, when next I write about Shihonage I may hold the belief that it can only be performed under the influence of grass hula-skirts and coconut shells.”

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  1. …there are lots of shihonages, not all of them as elegant as a really GOOD aikido shiho. my favorite does not go against the elbow. instead it curls up the arm behind the shoulder as though to tuck uke’s fingers under their shoulder blade while extending lightly to their rear. the elbow will be pointed about straight up, maybe somewhat to the rear, at that point. try just that, if you like, with a relaxed uke. at a certain point of compression their posture should break with their center going forward. obviously that would be the easy place to start the downward motion. like a lot of things. you probably won’t be able to incorporate that element into your technique without practice. it took me a lot of practice to mostly get it most of the time.

  2. The drawing above is a bad Shihonage. in real life, the guy on the right would get an elbow
    attrack on his face or fall into a iriminage by the Uka.

    No true Aikido technique should cause pain because pain means the energy flow has been stopped.

  3. More here…


    and NO pain is your friend…Pain=Kuzushi…go for it.

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