“Sweet Science – lessons from boxing defense for all martial arts,” by John Law

“We’ve been working on distance and timing recently and this post will attempt to define and illustrate some of that work with video of exceptional boxing defense. I learnt very little about this subject before training at Primal where it was given great importance. It seems that this area of training is often neglected in many forms of martial arts, although it should not be. I am not the only person with this opinion, in the video on the Burmese Boxing post the instructor states the very same.”

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  1. “Everybody has a plan until they get hit”…George Foreman…and most Aikidoka have never been hit by someone who knows how…a tsuki is NOT a boxing punch.

  2. Taisho’s right….. a boxing punch is from the whole body, with the intention of taking you out as fast as possible. There is a certain amount of controlled “hate” or killer instinct involved, Tyson has it…..

  3. …i recommend these clips to everyone who has gotten this far. one of the advantages we have in aikido is that if someone puts enough energy into a punch to do much damage, that’s also enough to carry into a technique, assuming that you perceive it before impact.

  4. Charles,

    That is interesting, so potentially any punch that can cause damge can be used against the attacker given that you manage to percieve it in time

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