“Mental Training for Martial Art: Black Belt Magazine- Dec 07,” By Dr. Randy Borum

“As a martial artist, you want to improve, right? Have you searched desperately for the ‘secret’ to unlock your potential and take you game to the next level? Well….there is no secret…not really. But there are some proven strategies for boosting your performance. And I’m not just talking about training harder or practicing more. If you are looking for a new dimension to your training, you might consider working the mental side of your game.”

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  1. Check the comment at the bottom of the above link…

  2. bruce baker says:

    The only thing I have to add is … become aware when your responses are a pattern .. the same pattern time after time after time. Your mental awareness to that will allow you to adjust for that weakness .. a weakness that someone will eventually read and use against you.

  3. …the striving is both necessary and itself a problem. if you don’t strive, you won’t learn. but striving itself is like forcing a technique. fooey in my old age i’m sounding way too zen. just train. the Way is in training.

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