“Nikyo and Focus,” by David Shevitz

“Last night, the dojo was working on 6th and 5th kyu techniques. Testing is coming up soon, and it was a good opportunity to review a few techniques that we haven’t touched on in a couple of weeks. One of these techniques is kata tori nikkyo. Nikkyo, which we translate to ‘second position joint lock’ is one of the more potent jointlocks in aikido. For those who have not experienced it, perhaps the easiest way to describe it is to imagine your wrist being twisted one way, while your elbow and shoulder are twisted in the opposite direction. If it sounds uncomfortable, that’s because it most certainly can be.”

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  1. David DeLong says:

    Great title and essay. I’ve had similar problems. I think we all have. There are a lot of details to nikkyo. It’s impossible to “pay attention” to all of them in one instant. It’s important, of course to practice assiduously. It also requires, as you say, an activated “mental” component of relaxation and focus so that the bits and pieces flow. That part of it makes it the great teacher that it is.

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