“Jack Lalanne and the Hands of Time,” by Stanley Pranin

On Sunday, fitness guru and entrepreneur Jack Lalanne died at the ripe old age of 96. He led a story-book life that included adoption at an early age of a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise and a strict diet regimen. I first remember him for his tv exercise programs of the 1950s. I watched him many times as a boy and sometimes did his workouts. Jack accomplished many incredible strength and endurance feats that seemed utterly impossible even into his 70s.

Jack was also one of the early pioneers in the fitness movement. He designed many of the early bodybuilding machines and went on to open a string of health clubs that was later sold to the Bally company. Lalanne also marketed a popular line of blenders and juicing machines and advocated a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and some fish.

His business activities made him a millionaire and one of the early examples of a successful entrepreneur in the health and fitness movement. Jack was very intelligent and a good speaker. He would not only demonstrate and explain his exercises, but offer motivational words to inspire his students.

Listen to Jack talking about “The Hands of Time.”

The words below from Wikipedia sum up Jack Lalanne’s philosophy of life:

“I train like I’m training for the Olympics or for a Mr. America contest, the way I’ve always trained my whole life. You see, life is a battlefield. Life is survival of the fittest. How many healthy people do you know? How many happy people do you know? Think about it. People work at dying, they don’t work at living. My workout is my obligation to life. It’s my tranquilizer. It’s part of the way I tell the truth — and telling the truth is what’s kept me going all these years.”

Jack Lalanne was and will always be an inspiration.


  1. As was Charles Atlas aka Angelo Siciliano …..

    Much of my exercise regime is based on his “discovery”

    Which of course is isometric/Isotonic exercise it works….

  2. Although separated by more than mere distance and culture, I cannot help but draw certain parallels of the late Jack Lalanne with the Founder of Aikido. They both had life consuming passions that defined them indelibly with their respective life’s work, and were influential to many outside their respective cultures and societies. I do believe that they would have been mutual admirers and the best of friends.

    Hail to the memory of Jack Lalanne, to his uncompromising spirit of “can do”, and his passion for helping us make our lives better by respecting our bodies with correct exercise, nutrition and positive self image.

  3. The King is dead…Long live the King!.

  4. Who’s the new king Taisho….?

  5. Certainly NOT Taisho…Tony?

  6. …in the article that reported his death was a quote from last year, before he had heart surgery, “Dying would wreck my image!” not at all Lalanne sensei; not at an active 96.

  7. Naaa How about Desperate Dan…..?

  8. That Dan H.guy with the IP tricks?

  9. why not…..

  10. Because it’s a BIG secret…

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