“Forty Hours of SCARS,” by Herb Borkland

“The Scientific Combat Reactionary System (SCARS) is the official hand-to-weapon fighting system of the United States Navy SEAL Teams. SCARS is now declassified and out on tape. It’s also being taught by its creator, Jerry Peterson, to a limited number of civilians, on a once-in-a-blue-moon basis.”

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  1. Fantastic article

  2. …think i’ll stick to what i know. it’s worked pretty well for me. but if a person had a young strong body and limited amount of time to learn some tricks which they might well use…

  3. Brandon Clapp says:

    Nice find Taisho.

  4. Something appears to be wrong with the Math here, if Mr. Peterson is now 50 years old (in 2011) that would make him 7 years old at the time of the Tet Offensive in 1968. Either Mr. Peterson was a martial arts prodigy or the author needs to double check his Math…….?

  5. He was and early Seal…?

  6. SCARS has always been about marketing. In micro economics an item that has a reverse demand curve is called a Giffin Good. In other words, the more expensive it is, the greater demand. SCARS basic marketing plan was based on a) the fact that some courses were actually delivered to the SEALS, which is the Gold Standard for creating mystique. b) this is the stuff that the government doesn’t want you to know about and c) it is modern and scientific and not related to “martial arts”.

    So, the fact is that a number of folks have done courses for the SEALS over the years and none is “an” or “the” official training program. This was hype, pure and simple. Whatever relationship did existed it is not on-going.

    The “secret” and “exclusive” nature of the material is also a joke. The “government” or anybody else for that matter, doesn’t care a wit for what you do. Jerry Peterson and TRS mastered this type of marketing. You’d see one and two full page ads in Black Belt magazine for this stuff. Not very secret or exclusive.

    It’s like the old Dillman ads, “This material is deadly and will only be taught to people of good character.” What constituted good character was that your check didn’t bounce.

    Finally, the key to Law Enforcement and Military training contracts is to have scientific sounding names for everything that are actually concepts that have existed in martial arts for hundreds of years. The top guys in the field have all developed their own psuedo scientific sounding principles which make for a hell of a great presentation to the administrators who actually make the decisions about who to hire for everything. Jerry P in all his materials tries to distance himself from the martial arts but the fact of the matter is that he learned his stuff the same way the rest of us did, in a dojo. In his case studying a Chinese martial art.

    This is not to say that the training he does isn’t any good. It’s just vastly over priced and there are lots of folks out there who will offer courses just as good for a lot less money.It’s not that I don’t think martial artists should be able to make some money off their years of hard work… I just think they should be straighter about doing so, like Billy Blanks… now there’s a guy who actually did some good and got rich too.

  7. Excellent post George…and Army and Marine Corps changing the training…


  8. Brandon Clapp says:

    Thanks for the information Sensei Ledyard.

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