“Living in the Long Rhythms,” from Glimmerscape

“The encouraging thing about the yin yang symbol is that at the center of the strongest portion of one aspect you have the tiny seed potential of the other. This is comforting too, especially when, as you navigate the very long rhythms of life, you find yourself adrift from your source of vitality and strength. And even though I haven’t trained in almost two years, I know that the tiny seed of keiko is pulsing along beside me, waiting to grow again as the rhythm shifts.”

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  1. …Bob Nadeau said something to the effect, ‘you can train just walking down the street’. i would go so far as to say you SHOULD be training when walking down the street. of course living in a marginally dangerous neighborhood for a couple decades might have something to do with that point of view.

    i might divide budo into three elements. one is physical conditioning. if you’re out of shape, you, by definition, will have less physical ability at your disposal in case of need. that need might be something as simple as getting over a flu. (yes, physical conditioning enhances the immune system.)

    the second is awareness. expanding your awareness has benefits beyond the martial as well. appreciating the beauty of God’s Creation is joyous. the martial implications are pretty obvious.

    the third is technique. technique can be a ladder to, and foundation for, the other two. Saito Sensei (the elder) said something to the effect, ‘you can always train. if you’re well and have a dojo you can do the techniques. if you aren’t well enough, you can watch. if you can’t do either you can visualize.’

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