“Budo and injuries,” by the Budo Bum

“So, the Tuesday before Christmas, I went to Judo and had a great practice for the first 88 minutes of the 90 minute practice. Then I proceeded to bend my right knee 45 degrees to the right while failing to throw my partner. I discovered that my knee does not like being bent in that direction. In the aftermath, I am having to put into practice some lessons I’ve picked up over the years of budo training.”

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  1. UGH! possibly my most painful aikido moment was when i DID throw my partner in koshinage, but… i was standing in some sort of horse stance and threw with my upper body. my partner slid down my leg pushing it in the described direction. got lucky. it hurt. almost lost consciousness, but nothing broke. lessons learned: stand in hanmi. throw by rocking the hips and shifting the weight.

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