“Age and conditioning,” by Rick Berry

“I recently had a conversation with my senior student and best friend regarding his physical condition. He is 60 years old and his wife commented about good he looks for his age. He attributed his conditioning to 38 years of martial arts training. Punching, kicking and all-around sparring, kata and everything else that goes with it.”

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  1. I took up Aikido at age 62… and after 7 years of practice two hours twice a week, Aikido is what keeps me fit physically and mentally! Keep up the good work, Sensei Berry!

  2. Yes! …but after 40 watch out for repetitive impact stuff, like full power on the makiwara or heavy bag. maybe put a credit limit on your high fall account…

  3. Thanks for the advice Charles.

  4. Kurt Carlstedt says:

    Good morning, Sensei. I’m 68 and started last summer in the study and practice of Aikido. For the most part, it suits me very well – I had always hoped to do it and found a perfect teacher for my needs. He practices Iwama style, and the class is small. There’s a great deal of personal interaction between him and his students. That aside, the workouts have shown me much about my aging body. I get sore easily and bruise quickly. Yet, I wouldn’t give it up! It is truly elating.

    Regards to all who teach and all who practice.


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