“Life Without Martial Arts,” by Michele

“Martial arts have been part of my life since 1993…training, learning, teaching. My husband opened his dojo in 1995. Currently we have classes three days a week. I attend monthly workouts at the Honbu and regularly attend Federation training events. I had two lapses in training…during pregnancy and after ACL surgery. When I was pregnant, I stopped teaching at 6 months because I was making the students nervous. They were concerned about losing weapons and accidentally hitting me. I was off the dojo floor for three months after ACL surgery. I returned with a long list of restrictions.”

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  1. I really strongly believe that good martial art was designed to learn on your own, without a partner, and not in a class atmosphere. I would not have known most of my knowledge if I had practice my art in a formal school or with a regular partner. Just think, most of the famous masters(Mushashi, the founder of Taichi, and Einstein) in the past were all learned on their own.

  2. self teaching has a place, but, strictly in my own opinion of course, after you have some foundation on which to build. the advantage is obvious. you can train anywhere, anytime. the disadvantage is equally obvious, if aikido is questioned for its lack of competition, individual training lacks any feedback at all. to get a benefit beyond simple exercise, you need to be pretty aware of your body and balance. for aikido techniques it’s important to be able to visualize your uke as you proceed through a technique. it might be worth noting that Musashi reflected back on his career and had no good explanation of why he survived long enough to understand that he didn’t know how he was surviving.

    ACL! it might be worth a minute of the author’s time if there is any lesson to be learned from her injury. it would be a kindness if she could help others avoid it…

  3. Other people exist in the REAL world…and NO you cannot learn it on your own…WAKE UP!

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