“Fuel Your Body, Fuel Your Strength,” by Edward Stern

“Martial arts requires a unique diet for a unique endeavor. Martial arts require speed, flexibility, strength, and intense concentration, and finding the right foods to enhance those areas may seem difficult. In fact, it requires only slight variations on a typical athlete’s diet, one more well-balanced for a sport that demands a healthy balance of the mental and the physical.”

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  1. …if you’re young enough, you can get away with a lot, though it might make the difference between 1st & 5th place in competition. after 40 if you don’t pay attention to your diet (& exercise), you’re looking for trouble.

  2. This article looked promising but could have been so much more.

    Diet for strength is very different to that for aerobic activity. So whether its the powerful Iwama-esq kihon or the demanding ukemi of doing tanninzugake in the Ki Society the requirements would be quite different.

    The sporadic offering of herbal supplements, without informing of what they do (or side effects) could easily have been replaced with “have a coke if you are feeling tired” or need to be pumped for the start of a big seminar. (caffeine being a routinely used few clinically proven legal stimulants that are performance enhancing).

    Dietary change and training regime changes in the lead up to competition is also something for martial artists and aikidoka to consider in the lead up to a say a week long seminar for example.

    There there is this aversion to red meat….

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