Request a Custom Discount

We would like to offer you the opportunity to create your own special discounts that will allow you to get the most out of your investment in martial arts educational materials sold through Aikido Journal. For example, if you would like a particular combination of products—books, DVDs, posters, etc.—which are not already offered as a set at a discounted price, this is your chance to tailor-make your own special purchase at a more affordable price.

The only requirement to receive a discount is that you order a minimum of 3 products. They can be any combination of different products, or 3 or more of a single product. Naturally, the greater the number of items you order, the larger the discount we’ll be able to apply to your purchase. This is a great way to build your dojo or personal collection without breaking the bank.

After submitting your order as described below, our staff will review your list of products and apply the maximum possible discounts. We will then email you a special, individualized link that will allow you to complete the purchase with your discounts applied just as if placing a normal order.

Please click here to proceed to the Custom Discount link.

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