“A Forgive-ful Christmas,” by Flo Li

“In Aikido, we always say Arigato Gozaimashita (ありがとうございました) when bowing at the end of class. The meaning roughly translates to ‘thank you for what we just did together’. In a way by bowing to one another we thank our partners for training with us, for the lessons brought to our attention, and forgive any physical pain we might have inflicted on one another. It is a ceremonial gesture to conclude the lesson.”

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  1. Jack Hosie says:

    Forgiveness is a blessed characteristic of a meek and lowly spirit, and a manifestation of true strength, over our lower nature. The keys to unlocking the essence of budo/aikido, are revealed and yet concealed in the beginning; for those who perceive them, the Way is clear.

  2. …on a lighter note, in the “old” Oakland Aikido Institute we used to joke, ‘saying onahgaishimasu means never having to say you’re sorry’…

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