“Responsibility For One’s Self In Training and Life,” by Fin Valino

“In class today our senseis gave us all a talk about our responsibilities as Aikidoka for our own training. Every class covers a different technique. We can make requests for which techniques we’d like to cover for the class but more often than not we’ll cover whatever our sensei feels like covering. Sometimes this means we won’t cover certain techniques that may be part of someone’s kyu test requirements for months. This often results in Aikidokas who do not know how to execute the techniques that will be expected of them during their test. Their unpreparedness often surfaces literally weeks before their scheduled kyu test which, in my humble opinion, is too late to discover you need to learn these techniques before the test only weeks away.”

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  1. Perfect answer to my question on article today. Thank you.

  2. …as test time approaches, sensei has a responsibility to see that material is covered. sometimes that can be assigning uke-mentors and recommending extra study. sometimes it can be doing mini-tests after class. there’s a real risk of micro-managing here. probably the best way to correct something is to bring it up to the uke mentor.

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