“Irimi Nage – Entering the World of Entering,” from tenguhouse.typepad.com

“So I’m lying in bed, supposed to be sleeping, but instead I’m running through all these techniques in my head, one at a time, and looking at what I’m doing wrong (or, less frequently, what I’m doing right). Naturally, one of the techniques that pops up most often is this one. It’s called irimi nage, or entering throw, and it’s the technique that put Steven Seagal on the map. I thought I was pretty good at it, until recently.”

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  1. Brett Jackson says:

    Interesting article. Great compilation video of Tissier Sensei’s iriminage variations. Useful comment from Nick.

  2. bruce baker says:

    Imagine all the points you are striking on your opponent/ training partner .. beyond the safe practice .. now you will begin to understand how much is taken out as well as how well the short-hand of Aikido works.

    If you have a weapon in your hand, where are the cuts, where are the strikes within the movements?

    Wake up, knuckle-head .. Aikido is an important part of ALL martial arts!

    Start paying attention to the damage those strike, those weapons will do to you beyond the safe practice … that one-legged man in a butt kicking contest .. gets awfully articulated when motivated ..

  3. bruce baker says:

    I think .. what would happen if a practice partner was striking as they were falling, or cutting, or aware of the techniques of Aikido .. would it be such a beautiful dance, or would it be a train-wreck of two trains colliding head-on?

    Practice has a purpose … but even during practice .. your mind is supposed to be AWAKE … thinking … taking in the openings that occur if you change some tiny thing.

    STOP being hypnotized by what you think is going to happen, and become awake to what is happening … it might save your life one day.

  4. …irimi nage, aka, ten year technique. when it’s right, it’s very right. when it doesn’t go according to plan… well, back to kihon to find out what part isn’t working. the parts are all pretty fascinating. wrestling has an irimi nage counterpart, but it’s done from a squared off kneeling position. compared to aikido it’s almost anti-irimi nage…

  5. Brett Jackson says:

    Bruce, well-said.

    Charles, I look forward to getting up there to practice with you one day (hopefully in the not too distant future)–then you can show me that wrestling anti-iriminage (I’m guessing it’s from the back of the neck rather than the front).

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