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We trust you, our valued readers, have had an enjoyable holiday. We seldom rest at Aikido Journal because we love what we do! At this juncture, it is our pleasure to announce the next DVD in our special series of discounted items, perfect for the season. This week’s product is titled “Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars – Part 1.” It is available for a 24-hour period at $19.95, half off the retail price.

Morihiro Saito needs no introduction as he is one of aikido’s towering figures, and a master technician. The footage of “Lost Seminars I” contains highlights of an unforgettable seminar Saito Sensei gave in Italy in 1985. The seminar was professionally filmed and is fully subtitled in English to allow viewers to closely follow his teachings.

Full description of “Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars – Part 1”

Here is how we have described the “Lost Seminars” DVDs elsewhere:

“Imagine being able to turn back the clock and be present at a seminar given by an Aikido great of a bygone era. Imagine being taught by Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9th dan, up close and personal and being able to understand every word he speaks in English. Imagine no more as this opportunity does indeed exist! Think of the possibilities to improve your Aikido practice and teaching skills!”

Order “Morihiro Saito: Lost Seminars – Part 1” at 50% off!

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