“Blog Review: Samurai Spirit: Aikido (合氣道) by Nicholas Pettas,” by The Accidental Aikidoist

“Some of you might remember the first part – it was in my post about similarities between Aikido and Wing Chun. I liked how Nicholas Pettas is a true skeptic in Aikido and yet he approached Aikido in a way that isn’t ignorant or egoist (minus the words on his gi and the black belt that he wears). I enjoyed how the scenes were just allowed to play out and were not choreographed. In part 2 Ryuichi Omori Sensei kicked – or knocked – ass, while Dr. Nobuyuki Ito at 6:30 and Hideo Takaoka at 7:40-ish were great additions and gave good outside perspectives to the art, although Mr. Takaoka is a aikidoka himself.”

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