Recommended reading: “Famous Swordsmen of Japan: Kanenori Dengoro Kurokochi” by Yoshinori Kono

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The Aizu domain was well known for its martial activities, and Kanenori Dengoro Kurokochi is prominent among the many martial artists from that region during the last years of the Shogunate, just prior to the Meiji Restoration. Kanenori’s common name was Dengoro and he was adopted into the family of Kanehiro Jisuke Kurokochi at a young age. His adoptive great-grandfather, Kanetaka Sakon Kurokochi, was a skilled practitioner of Shinmuso Muraku-ryu iaijutsu, the principal art of the family, and as a result of his skills in this art he was awarded in 1750 a domainal position with a stipend of ten koku of rice [one koku is approximately five bushels; i.e. the amount required to feed a person for one year].

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  1. Truth is stranger than fiction. “The Last Samurai” is fine Hollywood. If you liked it or “Shogun”, this is a shorter, richer read.

  2. Before the advent of weapons, striking and grappling would have been the obvious “self defence”. Evolution would dictate that one would move onto more efficient methods….. Sticks and stones, followed my bronze, iron and so forth….
    You only have to look at chimps to see that….

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