The book that vindicated Morihiro Saito’s aikido!

Has there ever been an aikido sensei who has organized the curriculum of the art so thoroughly as did Morihiro Saito Sensei? He was a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge on aikido and its technical evolution. For years in his seminars, Saito Sensei would bring along a copy of O-Sensei’s only book, Budo to verify the authenticity of his teachings.

That very book is the subject of a special set consisting of a book (Takemusu Aikido Special Edition) and DVD (Budo) by Saito Sensei, that presents in great detail the famous 1938 technical manual titled Budo of O-Sensei. By purchasing the book and DVD on Budo together, you will realize a savings of 20% off the retail price of these companion products purchased separately.

Saito Sensei does a masterful job of demonstrating and explaining all of the techniques of Budo in his book and DVD that comprise this Special Set. There are several reasons why the manual Budo is of great importance to aikido history. It is the only source of organized technical sequences demonstrated by Morihei Ueshiba replete with explanations.

Another large collection of technical photos of Ueshiba taken at the dojo of the Kodansha Founder Seiji Noma also survives, but these photographs dating from 1935 have never been ordered or classified. Moreover, Budo provides clear testimony to the eclectic nature of Ueshiba’s technical system that included not only hundreds of empty-handed arts, but also numerous weapon-based techniques. Ueshiba’s fascination and experimentation with weapons training lasted most of his martial career. His training with the sword and staff, in particular, heavily influenced his understanding of the martial principles of body movement (taisabaki), entering (irimi), combative distance (maai), and timing.

Although Budo was published in 1938 during the middle phase of the development of aikido, it is surprisingly modern in the sense that the Founder had already distanced himself from the more rigid jujutsu techniques of the Daito-ryu school in favor of the flowing, circular movements which would come to characterize modern aikido as we know it today.

Please have a look at the Budo Special and consider adding it to your collection of essential aikido source materials.


  1. bruce baker says:

    As I have said over and over .. you have to STUDY many different types of martial arts to appreciate what you find when you PRACTICE aikido.

  2. …at the end of the DVD Saito Sensei expressed the ambition to explore how the pre-war techniques evolved. wonder if he had the opportunity…?

  3. Most could never have the luxury or luck to do that, but you have to admire the fact that he did….

    I have the series of paperback volumes and have used it as a reference many times, surprisingly finding them easy to do as my grounding is in the Tomiki/Shodokan which uses a pedagogical approach very similar to Shihan Saito’s teaching….

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