“AIKIDO and the Daruma doll,” by Nick Engelen

“During a summer seminar we lined up for bowing before sensei for the afternoon session. Sensei had a small red egg-like figure next to him. After bowing sensei explained that because of the heat we would take it a bit easy and would do some study on philosophy first.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    The longer you train, the more times you stumble and fall, the more your senses are awakened to avoid, to absorb, to be aware of intention or action, to be supple or be hard in order for you to find a way to bounce back up more times than you will fall.

    The sensitivity of your body being able to communicate to your brain and the correct interpretation of thoughts translated into actions at the appropriate moments in time .. is what your training is all about.

    Put out of your mind it is about you, or some superiority for martial arts .. that will come as your ability to communicate with or without thinking is advanced with your training.

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