“Just do something…,” by Steve Wildash

“Hmmm makes perfect sense really.. so why do so many of us not do it? Under pressure no where to go everything stops, but for what reason, that ole thing of not quite understanding reality as it happens.. in denial that everything happens the everyone else and not me. The truth of it is that things do and will happen to you whether you like it or not and you have a few seconds to snap out of it otherwise its good night. I can remember being twenty I think and chasing some guy down the country lanes in my newly acquired motor car, thought I was the nuts, but my driving wasn’t and I can clearly remember making a complete mess of it, having then lost control I felt the car swerve through 90’ go up onto two wheels and almost vertical it was though it was on a knife edge either drop to safety or continue over and roll down the lane to what end who knows.. just writing about it puts a shiver up my spine.. but as luck would have it the car dropped down back onto four wheels but facing the wrong direction and into on coming traffic, decision time.. ”

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  1. …things won’t always work out your way. you MUST ride with it and seek to regain your initiative. getting in to the “other guy’s” fantasy could easily be fatal…

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