“The Foundations Are Never Basic,” by Marc Abrams

“Posture, walking, extending ki, getting rid of unnecessary tensions,…. are critical aspects to the foundations of Aikido. The beginning student sincerely wants to learn the foundational material. The intermediate student believes that they know the foundational material and want to learn some cool, advanced techniques.”

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  1. Kurt Carlstedt says:

    Recovery quickly, Marc! My sensei, Douglas Dale, keeps us aligned by always going back to basics over and over again and reminding us of their rooted importance. Whether beginner or advanced student, he makes sure that we “get it”. No egos in the way here…

  2. bruce baker says:

    Injuries .. including sprains and strains .. teach us .. more .. than any lessons or words could.

    One must adapt or fail … and if you learn to adapt you create the foundation for the basics, the techniques that will prove themselves over and over again.

    When the student and the teacher realize this .. the door to the advanced techniques opens .. and the long long journey begins ..

  3. Kurt:
    Thanks! I am “ahead” of healing projections, working hard in PT and using my teaching as a one-armed bandit as a good, personal learning tool.

    We need to accept personal responsibility for our own injuries. We can then learn how and why the injuries occurred. We can then set goals that can avoid future injuries.

    Marc Abrams

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