“Self-Protection – diffusing the situation,” by Jon Law

“In his book ‘Tricks of the Mind’ the Illusionist/Magician/Hypnotist Derren Brown recounts a story of when he was accosted by a drunken thug. It’s pretty amusing as he manages to avoid a tricky situation by using a rather abstract distraction technique. Brown confuses the thug and puts him off track by asking ‘Is your garden wall four foot high?’. Bamboozled the thug ended up sitting down with Brown and telling his life story which, although annoying, was preferable to a beating.”

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  1. …excellent! the one time i had a gun drawn on me i failed to take it. (take home lesson – whatever you ever learned about extension, given an opportunity to grab the weapon do so.) still, eventually, the situation ended with the would-be thief begging for spare change.

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