“Would You Have Fallen Prey to These Real Knife Attacks?,” by Adam Dean

“Knife attacks seem to be more and more common these days. This is likely to continue as authorities place more and more restrictions and controls on the possession of firearms. As has previously been discussed on this site many times, knives are the most common form of weapons used today in attacks, except in the US where a firearm is most common, followed by knife attacks.”

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  1. …any time you’re dealing with an armed attacker, you have a problem. even if you’re good & doing well, you may get tagged, & that will be at least a trip to the hospital. happened to a visiting gakusei doing a demo at the old SF Turk St dojo. your only hope is to just do your technique as you would at any time. but on the street, and assuming you have the room, work at extension where it will be hard for the other hand to reach you.

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