“Why Are White Belt Fighters So Dangerous?,” by Chris Pearson

“Many experienced martial artists believe that, of all the different categories of training partners, absolute beginners are the most dangerous. To outsiders, this sounds like a paradox. Shouldn’t those with the least martial arts training be the least dangerous?”

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  1. Thank you. After a half-dozen miscredited features on Aikido Journal, I guess I should point out that my name is not actually Chris Pearson. :)

    I do not usually include my full name in my articles. So that I can write about taboo subjects without suffering retribution in my professional life. So, in the future, please credit as “Martial Development”.

  2. Love your article. Having taught beginners in Taekwondo for several years, I can testify to everything written in this article. Absolutely amazing writing.

  3. …beginners are cared for in a dojo setting, but may not reciprocate.

  4. Because you don’t know what they will do…just like the street…you have to train for everything and not just in Aikido.

  5. Brandon Clapp says:

    Sorry for the error I will correct that in my notes.

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