“Linda Holiday – A Martial Artist Making a Difference,” by Paul Rest from

I asked Linda Sensei this question: “If you could have tea with O Sensei, what question or questions would you ask him?” Linda replied, “When I was in my 20’s I lived for several years in the remote Kumano area of Japan where I trained intensively under traditional Aikido teachers who had studied directly with Osensei. As I studied Aikido with them, I was also immersed in learning Japanese language, culture, and etiquette. In traditional Japan, students do not question the teacher. Rather, they observe, intuit, absorb, and emulate. So when I try to imagine what question I would ask Osensei, my first response is: I wouldn’t.”

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Linda Holiday’s school: Aikido of Santa Cruz


  1. …i met a fellow once, John Smith, who worked up to ikkyu with O Sensei. once he asked O Sensei about a career choice, becoming a lawyer. O Sensei said that seemed like a good idea. to which Smith-san replied, ‘but i’d be almost forty before i completed my studies.’ O Sensei said, ‘well you’ll be almost forty then anyway.’

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