“More on OODA: Hick’s Law or ‘Burger King…Have it your way!,” by Kevin Leavitt

“A couple of post back I was discussing Boyd’s OODA loop and how it applied to fighting. Within that loop we have to make a DECISION (the ‘D’ in OODA). In getting ahead of our opponent in the OODA loop we need to make a fast, instantaneous decision. The more choices or options we have to reach a decision, the slower we will ACT on that decision. In a fight where split second decisions must be made, do we really have room to make a conscious decision at all?”

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  1. …briefly: no. there is no time for conscious decision. that’s what training is about. in fact fighter pilots moving at hundreds of miles per hour have more time to decide on their course of action. some, like Boyd who invented OODA, have trained their flying techniques to a higher level of skill, which in turn give them advantages.

  2. Now that you know 1000.00 trick’s/waza…get rid of them…just study the ones that work for you.

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