“Awareness: A Soldier’s Experience,” by Terry L. Bryan, Kyoshi

“I have traced my family back to 990 A.D. and throughout the years our family served as soldiers much of the time. My ancestors fought in the Crusades in the 1200’s, and served against the Scotts during the 1300’s. In the 1500’s my ancestors fought beside William the Conqueror and even served as a bodyguard for King Henry the 8th. In the 1600’s we were sent to America for taking sides with Ireland. We continued to serve in the Revolutionary war and the war of northern aggression. Family members served in all the world wars including my Grandfather in World War Two and my father in Korea. I guess it should be no surprise that when I turned 18, I enlisted in the armed forces and headed for Viet Nam.”

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  1. thank you for your service! my family strongly discouraged me from joining. volunteered for Navy air anyway. they didn’t like my eyes. volunteered for USAF. they thought my eyes were fine. didn’t like my blood. married with a kid on the way, pulled a high draft lottery number & that was that. have spent a fair amount of time, maybe even done some good, in USCG Aux as penance.

  2. …ever see the Bayeux tapestry? William’s excuse for invading England. poor Harold. he had just come from defeating Harold the Dane at London only to fall at Hastings. arrow in the eye. probably pretty quick anyway…

  3. Brett Jackson says:

    Thank you (and your dog!) for you amazing history of service. I loved reading your desriptions of your experiences in the field, the way you used your dog’s senses as a springboard for your own awareness, the way your dog was your co-pilot, the way you developed your awareness to such a high level that you bascially gained the awareness of an angel (or some kind of super-human creature). Talk about nerves of steel. I’m sure you must have been able to draw inspiration from your dog’s innate canine courage, and he (or she) from your amazing composure. If you write a book some day, please let us know.

  4. Dave Monk says:

    Hi Terry, just a note, William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066.

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