Aikido History 101 continues…

More of the best of aikido history for your study and edification!

Many of you are by now aware of our offer of a free download of Stanley Pranin’s lectore on aikido history. Over 300 readers have opted in and are studying or have recently completed listening to the lecture.

We want to continue to educate our readers about the subject we are so passionate about: the life and work of Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido. Here is a paragraph taken from our email to aikidoka who have finished the first part of the course consisting of the 4-hour lecture.

“… We have some good news for you. We have prepared a selection of articles from our extensive archives that deal in great depth with many of the subjects touched upon in Stanley Pranin’s historical lecture. We affectionately refer to this material as “Aikido History 101,” as a reading of these articles will give the budding historians among you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the roots of aikido. We can assure you, the historical truth of Morihei Ueshiba’s path in pursuit of the creation of aikido is far more interesting than the many myths that have sprung up around him.”

We will be providing the links to a total of five important historical articles that will really bring you up to speed on the life and times of O-Sensei that culminated in the birth of aikido.

You need to get in on this course and expand you knowledge while we are still offering these materials!

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