“Functional Strength Training for Combat Sports,” by Adam Dean

“Functional strength training is getting more and more popular. And that is a good thing. In large part, the rapidly spreading Crossfit protocols have popularized functional, compound movements and high intensity workouts into more of the mainstream. In the realm of Low Tech Combat, combat sport athletes are especially interested in functional strength in the search for that competitive edge in their sport. But has the popularity of CrossFit over-emphasized ‘generalness’?”

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  1. POWER AIKIDO…Some times it’s all you will have to win in a street fight…nothing wrong being bigger and stronger than the next guy…technique doesn’t always work.

  2. …if technique is weak, strength can sometimes make up the difference between success and failure. for years i considered my aikido exercises sufficient for fitness. a naggy shoulder injury, however, didn’t go away with more training. pushups and pullups, however turned a twinge into an innocuous little clunk. guess i spent too many years unsuccessfully seeking looser shoulders and only succeeded in weakening critical parts…

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