Get your free 4-hour lecture while the opportunity lasts!

Nearly 200 readers have already taken advantage of our free offer of a 4-hour lecture on aikido history by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin. For most of you, this is probably the most detailed information you will have been exposed to on the subject.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the early years of Morihei Ueshiba and the development of aikido. In addition, you will become acquainted with the charismatic religious leader, Onisaburo Deguchi, and the jujutsu expert, Sokaku Takeda, who heavily influenced Morihei Ueshiba during his younger years. The actual events of Morihei’s life are far more interesting than the myths about the Aikido Founder that have been perpetuated through the years.

The lecture is in the form of four mp3 files sent out at two-day intervals. Following the final installment, participants will receive an email containing coupon links to purchase Aikido Journal products at excellent discounts.

To join and receive the history lecture, please click here.

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