“Mind Training for Martial Artists| Part 6: Fear Control,” by Neal Martin

“Fear is a constant companion for most people, especially in today’s urban environment where violence and confrontation are the norm. Out of all the emotions one can have, most people know fear the best, simply because it has such a powerful influence on us. To have a life without fear in it is almost impossible for most people to imagine and indeed it is not really one you should try to imagine for fear is a constant of the human condition; it’s as much a part of us as any other emotion and to try and rid yourself permanently of it is a fruitless endeavor.”

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  1. “As a younger person I would often convince myself that ‘I’m not afraid of Karate competitions, I’m just not interested in competing”….this is the reason many people prefer Aikido…and not facing the realty of life as it really is.

  2. everybody has fear, or if you prefer, anxiety. it sneaks up in all sorts of ways. when danger is imminent it’s always possible to shove the fear into the basement for the duration, but when the excitement is over, it’s still there, now again audibly moaning in the subconscious. there’s now a fancy term, post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD), but i find my fear an unwelcome guest cowering in the corner of my everyday mind where i always have to step around… perhaps that’s why i seek the noise of the action, to muffle its whimpers.

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