“Form.. Steve thinking out loud again… oh dear..,” by Steve Wildash

“What do I know about form within the realms of Systema? good question, its one of those things like everything else that does take awhile to get to grips with.. Form was one of those so called four pillars of the art and was explained to me as very important. So what does all this form business mean, I suppose it really relates to posture during combat or during general movement. One question I asked myself today was, is it possible to still maintain this ideal of good form or posture under any kind of pressured work or even change of environment. I’m told that good posture equates to proper alignment of the body and translates to holding yourself upright rather that bent over or in a structurally poor position where fluid movement isn’t possible.”

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  1. …practice makes perfect, or at least better. Musashi said something to the effect that you should always be aware and studying The Way. also, the Way is in training. i remember Osawa sensei. the first impression was his erect posture. i only saw Doshu Kishomaru once, but again, the take-home lesson was erect posture. i work on that every day. every time i notice anything less…

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