“Aikido, Peace & Violence,” by Marc Abrams

“Imagine that you are standing outside and you see some raging lunatic running at your young child. this person screaming that your child is going to die. Some feeling in your ‘gut’ tells you that this person will not stop until your child is dead. You believe that you are a peaceful person. You train in Aikido as a way of making yourself and the world more peaceful. You have learned that you are responsible for the well-being of your attacker. What would you do?”

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  1. Kill him…I would try too…don’t have to worry about him every again…art of peace is BS

  2. bruce baker says:

    The answer is as simple as it is complicated…. YOU DO WHAT YOU MUST DO.

    To reach that point where you know what you do you must .. EMBRACE DEATH .. EMBRACE YOUR FEARS .. and COME TO GRIPS WITH WHAT YOU MUST DO VERSUS WHAT YOU WISH YOU COULD DO.

    And .. no matter how the situation comes out .. you have done the best you can do to bring the situation to the best peaceful conclusion you possibly could have brought it to.

    That is the answer ..

    Now .. what are you missing that you need? Go find it, and make yourself better!

  3. …O Sensei said that he left it all in God’s hands. if it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. just do your aikido. all of it. don’t forget we spend half our time attacking. hope you’ve been doing that well, too. you had gotten the idea that all those grabs are controlling techniques, right..?

  4. Life preservation is the utmost, but in reality you and your family come first. If at all possible you can perform Aikido as a total self defensive art, and hopefully cause little or no damage to the assailant.
    But, when it comes down to a life or death situation, you must protect you and yours first and foremost. If there are more than 1 assailant ,then your must ensure to immobilise them as quickly and effectively as possible.
    Aikido gives you the option to defend yourself with as little force as possible, or in the most extreme situations you may have to use extreme force.
    The best of intentions, honour, integrity, and good manner all work, until others decide not to behave in the same way.
    Treat everyone as a friend, unless they treat you otherwise.
    Yours and your families personal safety, protection, and well being come first and foremost, everytime.
    Remember that Aikido has it’s roots firmly set in the old effective martial ways of Ju Jitsu and can easily revert back to those roots when situations arise that make it absolutely necessary.

  5. Do you even really need to ask this question?

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