“Do Your Thoughts Lead to Consequences?,” by Adam Dean

“I just recently read an article that made me shake my head with disbelief and frustration because it was nonsense. What slowed me down however was that I thought there was also an element of truth there, however it seemed misguided. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion that the article is incorrect, correct and also ill informed. How is THAT for sitting on the fence???”

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  1. …certainly apprehension attracts problems, but it is only attractive to the extent that it’s apprehensive. wariness is another response to reading about threats. Takeda sensei is reported to have been very wary. wariness is not attractive to external problems. as to what problems it may foster internally, well, if you survive a problematic environment you can deal with them in due course.

    some such articles, for instance “The Armed Citizen” column in the American Rifleman, are pretty good lessons in how crimes are committed. granted they are thwarted by the threat or actuality of deadly force, but the forms of attack are worthy of note. MSM tends to be obscure in this area, emphasizing the plight of the “victim”.

    don’t be a victim. victims, in a certain way, are “asking for it”.

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