“Masakatsu Agatsu,” from Aikido Doushin Juku

“This year, on my birthday, I decided to do something I’ve never done before. I live in Colorado, and I haven’t taken advantage of some of the things we have right here. So, I decided to go white-water rafting. For my first trip on the river, I chose a spot that promised nothing more dangerous than category 2 rapids. It was a nice introduction to the river with some nice splashes here and there. Midway thru the trip, we made a stop in the middle of a gorge where we were invited to jump off the edge of a 25 foot cliff into the river. Let me just explain here that I am very afraid of heights. Not in a normal It’s-a-bad-idea-to-get-too-close-to-that-ledge kind of way. I am afraid of heights in a way that keeps me from going into buildings that are over 12 stories high. The kind that makes me cling to the sturdiest thing available (usually, my husband) when crossing a high bridge. The kind that makes me shiver uncontrollably standing at the edge of a cliff in the heat of July; which is exactly what I found myself doing this year for my birthday.”

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  1. …i used to be afraid of water that way. long story. the short of it was that getting over (most) of it was liberating.

  2. …uh oh. just in the news. riding a Segway “on the edge”. he probably wasn’t wearing a life jacket…

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