“On Forging,” by Dave Goldberg

“In the most basic terms, that is what a training pattern on a path of mastery looks like. There are many who never really get to the ‘forget’ part, which is a shame, but that is a future topic. Forging is the focus of most peoples’ training, and that’s why I’m writing about it first. I think that ‘forging’ in the context of our training is a little misunderstood and slightly misleading. I think the problem is that we all seem to follow the model of sword forging for obvious reasons of history and lineage, and that is normally interpreted as something we do to steel in order to create something more refined, strong, and sharp.”

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  1. the Way is in training. – Musashi
    (in the old Aikido Institute we used to have a response to mat philosophers: ‘grab my wrist’…)

  2. what a nice analogy ‘forging’ is, where the syllabus and art are synonymous with the sword smithing and and processes handed down. But how about the skill of the swordsmith, how hard, where and when to strike the steel to anneal it rather than break it, surely this is the role of Uke in the dojo’s forging of good aikidoka

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