“Riai,” by Jeff Dooley

“One element of Saito Sensei’s Aikido that perennially stands out is his emphasis on the technical parallel between empty-handed Aikido, or Tai Jutsu, and Aiki Weapons practice, or Buki Waza. Goto Sensei often says, ‘I used to think that maybe he meant this as a metaphorical parallel, but later I saw that it is a literal parallel: they are the same.'”

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  1. …one of the gates to my improved understanding was jo-throwing and jo-taking. it’s not too hard to figure these out in a practical sense, but then the challenge is to relate them back to tai-jutsu and assign a name. because that part is hard, you actually end up reverse engineering what you may just have done. being able to repeat what you just did is another challenge… 😉

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