“UNIVERSAL NEXUS,” by Will Gable

“In our practice of Aikido we are relying on a universal pole of connection of principles that while practicing them allow us to let go of our fixation on the horizontal linear consensus reality that seems to prevail in our common everyday interactions. Instead of stopping in the midst of an attack we maintain the principle of movement in relation to the momentum of the energy field that is moving towards us. Movement helps us release ourselves from the stagnation of static thinking which tends to lock one in place, again, principle transcends ego, and allows us to move beyond what the mind thinks it wants to do in relation to the situation upon us. We need to have reliance on the universal subconscious that spirit in its magnificent genius has bestowed upon us to collectively be able to learn many principles and simultaneously apply them without thinking to the situation at hand with continuous movement being at the forefront.”

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  1. …this sounds like the sort of thing i try to reconstruct after something good happened. i don’t even mind sharing it sometimes, but, what how do you make that information actionable? here comes a right jab and a left hook…

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