“Internal Power within Martial Arts,” by Joe Bellone

“There are many teachers of martial arts that like to talk about internal power and chi as something fantastic and mysterious (especially in the west) this is usually the result of misunderstanding (on the part of the teacher) or outright deceit (because it’s good for business).

The term ‘internal,’ as in internal martial arts, is often misunderstood. The term ‘internal’ refers to working with our inherent and inborn strengths under the direction of the mind.”

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  1. …another take on “internal” is to distinguish practitioners from those who use obvious muscular strength. i’ve heard that distinction from both sides of that divide, but usually to somewhat belittle the practitioners of whichever is opposite of being taught…

  2. Five interconnected sources of internal/external strength:


    Concentration is the catalyst.

    There is no substitute to effort.

    Patrick Augé

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