Amazon book reviews for “Aikido Pioneers – Prewar Era”

We would like to thank Aikido Book Guy and Charles Warren for taking the trouble to post books reviews of Stanley Pranin’s Aikido Pioneers – Prewar Era on Here is what they have to say:

Charles Warren: “Stan Pranin has divided his aikido career between practice and researching its historical background. He is probably the only person to have met and talked with so many of the “old timers”, and here is one of the fruits of his efforts. If you have moved beyond a superficial curiosity about aikido, or if you wish to expand your perspectives beyond one teacher and one style, Pranin sensei is your source. This is an important addition to his work. I won’t try to go into detail here, but while Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, was widely recognized for his martial prowess in the pre-war era, Japan was full of excellent martial artists. What quirk(s) of fate brought O Sensei to such international prominence that Americans (British, French…) now study his art? What have we (almost) lost in the process? This is one of the few places to look.”

Aikido Book Guy: “If you are interested in learning about the history and important characters behind aikido in its formative years, then you need this book. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has amassed more material on this subject than Stanley Pranin, and much of this would never be heard or passed on without his important work. This book is a LOT of bang for the buck. An unbiased and emphatic double thumbs-up… ”

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  1. The priceless and immeasurable value of the research, investment of time, energy and talent for so many decades that has been the hallmark of Stanley Pranin’s unconditional work on Aikido has been sorely underestimated by the greater Aikido world, the Aikikai Foundation and its staff, and by the Ueshiba family for reasons solely their own to justify.

    It is unfathomable for any serious and dedicated student of the Founder, his origins, his findings and his legacy of excellent teachers over time, to be without a full complement of the books, DVD’s and priceless and unduplicatible articles found in the Aikido Journal and Aiki News archives.

    Thank you Stan, for believing in the vital nature of your life long work on behalf of Aikido, and of the many students of the Founder’s legacy, without which we would be desolately poorer and clueless.

    Long live Frodo, and Stan Pranin!

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