“How Muscles Work and How They Respond to Resistance Exercise,” by Richard Weil, MEd, CDE

“Muscle contraction isn’t just all brawn. You might look at bodybuilders and powerlifters and think that it’s just all mass that allows them to do those Herculean lifts. But it’s much more than that. Sure, mass is part of it, but the contraction of muscle, and strength in general, is much more than just size. I’ll review the mechanisms of muscle contractions and how your muscles respond to resistance exercise in this article.”

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  1. Richard,

    I appreciate your enjoyable piece on muscles, and I learned much.

    In weight training class in 11th and 12th grade, we learned that focusing on strength means more weight and fewer reps per set (1-5), that training for hypertrophy should mean medium weight and 8-12 reps. Finally, training for muscular endurance should be lifting even lighter weight for 16-20 reps per set. Three sets are standard, as well as working two different muscle groups per session to allow repair.

    I am wondering if you concur with this and why or why not.

    Calves and abs respond better with twenty or so reps. Do you know why this is?

    How popular are hormones/steroids for strength and/or hypertophy weight trainers who are not pro athletes and are concerned with primarily aesthetic appeal and being stronger/bigger than the next guy?

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