“Advice for martial arts teachers,” by Christopher Littlefair

“I read recently in a book on the subject of teaching the following passage:

‘it is very tempting to propose something like ‘Do you understand?’ or ‘Is this clear?’ The problem with these questions is that despite feeling unsure about what they have just been taught, most students when confronted with a question like this are unwilling to admit they don’t understand. They will most likely answer ‘yes’. As teachers it is our job to check if students have understood rather than simply ask them.'”

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  1. agreed. far better in aikido to either ask the student to demonstrate it with their partner, or, better yet if you can handle it, to try it on you.

  2. On the circle of unconscious incompetence – conscious incompetence – conscious competence – unconscious competence verbal feedback and expert assessment all have a role to play and are at times very appropriate and inappropriate tools in the instructors/teachers repertoire.

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