“Impact,” by Rick Berry

“Pay attention!

Pay attention to your thoughts, they turn into words.

Pay attention to your words, they turn into action.

Pay attention to your actions, they turn into habits.

Pay attention to your habits, they develop your character.

Pay attention to your character, it becomes your destiny.

These words written by an unknown author caused me to reflect on my most recent thoughts and this is where I found myself going.”

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  1. Parallel concepts developed in Christianity:
    Thoughts before they are entertained have no impact on the mind; once mind starts working on them, they cause actions(passions or negative influence). By disregarding your thoughts you consciously avoid being affected by negative actions from outside. By overcoming negative influence or preventing negative influence to begin with at it’s start you create passionless mind(think of it as one point). By arriving at passionless mind(or one point) you are not affected by anything trying to disturb it.
    Again, just a thought.

  2. I would like to share a writing my Sensei had, similiar to your posting.

    “The Importance of Breathing”

    The breath governs the spirit
    The spirit governs the mind
    The mind governs the body
    The body governs our actions
    Our actions govern our habits
    Our habits govern our character
    Our character governs our destiny


    In gassho, Mark W

  3. It’s very interesting that someone that someone keeps posting my blogs.


    As I’ve mentioned to my students on many occasions, “lessons” come from many sources and in all directions. Thanks.

    Thanks for the insight, Mark.

    You are fortunate to have a Sensei who is very astute. Then again maybe you are for choosing such a Sensei.

  4. Kurt Carlstedt says:

    Thanks, Rick! While I see some similarities in thought here, it doesn’t matter where we get it as long as we “get it”. We will always be grateful for teachers like you who spread the word. One thought that I’d like to pass on is that you can change your perspective completely by taking a step in any direction. When I got involved in Aikido, I found a whole different understanding of this, and it made me chuckle.

  5. It’s very good advice.

  6. Ksenia…more please?

  7. Our words and actions reveal our thoughts. We can fake it when the conditions are right for us. But if the conditions change (stress, fatigue, surprise…)then we are much more likely to speak our true mind or act accordingly.

    Mochizuki Sensei taught us that our movements revealed our true character. He used to scold those who were more busy with appearance than efficiency; kiss-asses irritated him greatly. “Truth can only be built on truth!” were his teachings. Then our words, actions and character will be true. This is the way of Maximum Efficiency. It cannot result from dual-thinking.

    Thank you for posting those teachings.

    Patrick Augé

  8. After pondering all these cause and effect relationships, it is logical to return to the first and focus solely on controlling our thoughts.

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