Brian Kagen pick: “Sonja Sutherland – A Martial Artist Making a Difference,” by Paul Rest

“Sonja, a black belt, began her Aikido practice in 1995 with Robert Nadeau, Sensei. At that time she was in her second year of Feldenkrais* training, and writes, “…I started Aikido to see how Aikido would inform my Feldenkrais practice. I knew that without an embodied understanding of these dynamic relationships, my Feldenkrais practice could not fully develop.”

Brian Kagen is an avid web researcher with a particular interest in martial arts. His training background includes both judo and aikido. He has contributed hundreds of article links over the years for AJ readers.

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  1. Definetely more needed! How did Sonja combine her dance training and Aikido? As a professional dancer and choreographer(and martial artist) I am looking for ways to combine all three into one.

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