“Stretching…,” by Steve Wildash

“To be honest it only seems like yesterday that I turned Thirty and had all the energy and fitness I could ask for, now nearly 20 years on and approaching 50 things are somewhat different these days. Training is defiantly harder going and my flexibility is somewhat reduced and try as I might I just cant do the things I used to be able to do.”

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  1. …i started aikido in my late ’20s and never did get very flexible. the good news is that much later in life, neither am i very much less flexible. the corollary is that if you see a declining curve, start addressing it. are there probable causes? i found that in my fruitless quest for flexibility i’d given up pushups. but pushups, at least wall pushups, were what i needed to fix a shoulder injury. having moved from San Francisco to flat country am looking for a good way to put aerobic exercise into my day, outside of training…

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