“The Element of Suprise,” by Markos Markou

“For stand up fighting (punching, kicking, clinch work and stand up grappling) as you progress with your martial arts and spar for a few years, not only will you improve(hopefully) but your sparring partners will also improve. This is great, however, it will become much harder to be successful during sparring. There may be times when you spar without striking your opponent at all.”

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  1. …irimi is a central concept in aikido and irimi while the other party is formulating their attack and establishing their posture can be extremely effective (not just in the dojo, either). the corresponding point for aikido then, would be where you don’t even find the distance closed. as aikido has sword as a foundation, and Japanese sword is a timing-of-one weapon, that’s not surprising. there are all sorts of stories of inconclusive duels between samurai where after an interval of time one or other concedes defeat being unable to create an opportunity for attack…

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